Saturday, January 25, 2014

For Thanksgiving I was able to travel to the Dominican Republic and spend 3 days placing implants with Dr. Arun Garg and the Implant Seminars crew.  It was a great experience to help those that are so much less fortunate.  It was also exciting to learn new procedures and techniques with implant placement while there.  While in the Dominican Republic I was able to place about 16 implants in 3 days and assist another dentist with the placement of another 16 implants.  In my Parker Arizona Dental Office I am able to place implants on a fairly regular basis, but it was nice to focus on Dental Implants for 3 days. 

If you are interested in Dental Implants or would like to learn more about how Dental Implants can help you, please call Parker Family Dental @ 928-669-2573.

Friday, July 19, 2013


There are a lot of people out there have dentures and just don't like them.  I am here to tell you that if you are one of these people, you are not alone.  I would estimate that about 90% of people with a lower denture don't like the appliance and cannot function very well with it.  I am here to tell you there is a solution to these problem dentures!

Dental implants are being used more and more to treat cases like this.  Implants allow for many options for those struggling with either an upper or lower denture.  These implants are placed into the jaw and used to attach the denture.  Yes it sounds painful, but the truth is there is very little pain involved.  It is very minor surgery.  They work incredibly well and most of the time you can use your existing denture, reducing the cost and time to have the procedure completed.

As a member of the International Dental Implant Association, I have been placing these types of implants for a few years and have found them to be very beneficial to my patients.  These patient have been able to enjoy the foods they were not able to eat before they had these implants placed.  They also tell me that for the first time they are able to go to a restaurant to eat and they don't have to worry about their dentures coming out and causing an embarrassing moment!

Dental implants are also the best treatment for replacing missing teeth.  The old method for replacing missing teeth was to cut down two healthy teeth to do a fixed bridge or have a partial denture made that would come in and out.  In most cases, this does not need to be done and a dental implant can be placed to replace the missing tooth.  This allows the bone to be preserved where the tooth use to be and does not sacrifice two other good teeth to replace one tooth.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012



I have always felt that education is an important part of life.  Did you know that the word "doctor" actually means "teacher"?  A doctor is someone who: 1.  Treats and heals the human body in his/her various specialties and 2.  Teaches and educates their patients regarding disease and treatment options for those diseases.  Obviously I am not able to treat anyone with this blog, but I can reach out to a wide variety of people and share some of the knowledge I have. 

Each week there will be a new dental topic that will be discussed. I will try to cover everything I can think of related to dental care.  I hope that you can learn a few things about your teeth and the supporting structures that keep your teeth healthy and in your head.


We will also talk about ways to make your teeth fit better if you have lost them and are now wearing dentures.  Yes, there is a way to make those dentures fit very comfortably and stay put once and for all.  

My goal is to help people fight the deadly disease of tooth decay (by deadly, I mean deadly to the tooth), and periodontal (or gum) disease.   With modern technology and excellent care that is available by the dental profession, there is no reason why MOST people are not able to take their natural "CHOMPERS" with them to the grave.  It is up to you, the patient, to take control of your oral health and see your oral health professional.   Heaven knows we can't force you through our door (as much as we would like to).  So like Nike says:  "JUST DO IT".

If you live at or around the area of Parker, Arizona and need a Dentist please give our office a call at 928-669-2573.  We are always accepting new patients, especially those that have a goal to take their chompers with them to the grave!